Exploring the Wonders of Coco Village Learning Tower

Exploring the Wonders of Coco Village Learning Tower

Introduction to Coco Village Learning Tower and its Benefits for Kids: What Is It, Why Use It?

The Coco Village Learning Tower is a child-height platform that helps children participate in activities at their level. Unlike high chairs and stepping stools, this innovative learning tower provides your litttle one with visibility, mobility and maximum safety, while they explore and engage in new activities. The Coco Village Learning Tower makes it easy to involve your child during everyday tasks — meal prep, home projects or other household chores — allowing kids to “stand tall” and be part of the action with you.

The design of the Coco Village Learning Tower encourages exploration, creativity, problem solving and playtime for kids aged 0 to 5. It features adjustable height settings (up to 42”) plus a secure footrest for optimal stability as your little one grows taller. An extra wide platform adds comfort and flexibility for when your children want to move around. Inside the sturdy walls of this Wooden tower is also a storage shelf where you can keep supplies within reach so your child hasn’t far tug them out where they don’t belong!

But most importantly it offers a safe zone for adventurous toddlers who just love to find ways onto countertops or pieces of furniture that can no longer hold their curiosity! No more risking dangerous tumbles down steps or knocking things over – thanks to its surrounding walls along with handholds perfectly designed so they can hoist themselves up without falling down – your sweet ones will soon learn how to use the Learning Tower confidently on their own!

Not only do you not have to rush over suddenly whenever there’s a crash on the floor but having your kiddo using the tower also gives you time for yourself. You’ll be able to do whatever task you need done faster knowing that it’s safe for them near or underneath wherever you are!

All together – not only will it keep those busy hands out of trouble but there’s no end to creative possibilities from art stations used in conjunction with paintbrushes/crayons/markers/colored paper…to science experiments/baking & cooking helping prepare meals from scratch…with exceptional sensory motor skills boosted in such interactive environment…even simple imaginative playtime like pretending dolls are having tea parties around an honest-to-goodness countertop table! And now we haven’t even mentioned its low profile design made especially so it doesn’t take up too much space if placed against kitchen cupboards or moved into any room should there come better needs elsewhere – leaving plenty more open areas available when necessary…all while providing exciting physical development which is tailored according height adjustment settings newly installed here in Coco Village Learning Tower – prove exceeding results where both parents & kids get absolute best experience from school & home life at same time !

Step by Step Guide on How to Use the Learning Tower

The Learning Tower is a great tool for parents, grandparents and teachers alike to help foster an environment of exploration, discovery and imagination in the kitchen. Not only does it provide a safe platform for children to explore their skills in the kitchen but it also encourages them to be involved and independent. The Learning Tower allows children the opportunity to learn through hands on experience while standing at their own level by using steps adapted to their height.

Step 1: Choose your model. The Learning Tower comes in two models; the Classic and Adaptive models that feature 5 adjustable heights each running from floor 22”-44”. Decide what height option best suits your child’s needs. It is recommended to allow your child few inches of extra space between his/her chin and the counter surface whilst standing on the highest step for optimal use of equipment around the unit such as a blender or food processor.

Step 2: Tools + Assembly : Before building make sure all pieces are accounted for (see instructions manual) . Gather up tools you may need; Phillips Head & flat head screw drivers, pliers etc.. You may find yourself needing other small pieces here or there so have them handy if needed. Place all pieces out based on size and start building! Now if you ever feel overwhelmed you can always follow the detailed instruction guide included with specific illustrations to help you easily identify which piece goes where.

Step 3: Positioning & Securing your tower : When nearing completion, position tower at desired location accounting for enough space for chair/stool along its side allowing easy access in/out of tower itself when fully assembled . Secure into place utilizing screws assembling from both sides simultaneously; two screws per post depending on type installed ( Plastic caps or full exposed ledge). Make sure unit has been securely tightened before allowing children near or onto apparatus.*It is not recommended detaching tower from wall / ground frequently due to increased risk of toppling over.*

Step 4 : Safety first! It is important that we stress out that proper supervision whilst children are near ,on ,or around learning towers should always be observed at all times because accidents do happen! To ensure further safety procedures take place check every mooring point throughout construction phase as listed above ensuring screws have been properly tightened upon completion then review safety awareness list available online or within booklet provided upon purchase

Once complete your child will now have 10 platforms off varying heights ranging from 12 – 65cm off ground providing them an excellent graphical reference focused toward stimulating their keen desire towards learning through observation & implementing activities within home setting following those skills learnt within session serving as reminder until becoming part of the routine itself unleashing new abilities enabling yourselves true independence during time spent in kitchen together potentially resulting fun filled experience even adults could enjoy !

Frequently Asked Questions about Using the Learning Tower for Cognitive Skill Development

Q: What is a Learning Tower?

A: A Learning Tower is a sturdy, safe, and adjustable learning platform designed to give toddlers and young children the ability to stand at counter-height with parents as they participate in everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning, art projects, and more. It provides stability for children aged 18 months up to age 6, allowing them to have an active role in their environment rather than simply observe from their stroller or low chair.

Q: How does a Learning Tower help with cognitive skill development?

A: The Learning Tower puts children at eye-level with adults which fosters communication and language development. Through this elevated position, children also have better opportunities to practice problem solving by being able to engage in previously inaccessible tasks such as preparing food or reaching items. Additionally, it encourages cooperative play between a child and parent in small group settings promoting motor skills while working on joint projects together.

Q: Is the tower safe?

A: With its stable design and wide base of support, the Learning Tower creates a secure spot for little ones. They can explore without worrying about slipping or tipping over due to its 3-point contact principle; meaning there are three points of contact (the two feet on the base plus one hand on either side grip bar) that must be maintained for security. Furthermore, features like rounded edges make it even safer around children & pets who might bump into it.

Q: Are there any medical reports verifying the safety of using the tower?

A: Yes! Product safety tests conducted by independent third party institutions confirm that when used properly according to the user manual provided by manufacturer an EVA can help prevent accidental injuries related falls within most standard households. Additionally there have been numerous studies done showing evidence statistically supporting how an EVA can impact both ongoing developmental skills but also physical health benefits through activity participation – notably Improved core strength after prolonged use time frames observed between 2 & 3 year olds; improved retention of instructions among young adults; & more engaged focus leading directly towards academic achievements particularly during science classes etc..

Q: Does my child need supervision when using the learning tower?

A: Yes! Though our towers provide increased safety compared to other furniture types accompanied adult supervision should always be present while your child is engaging regardless of any prevailing stance or location – whether it’s inside educational/play areas like schools/daycare centers or outside public establishments (libraries/shops).

Top 5 Facts about the Coco Village Learning Tower

1. The Coco Village Learning Tower harnesses modern innovation and classic design to create a safe environment for your little one to explore, play, and learn. It optimizes floor-level playtime by getting toddlers closer to the action, allows them to safely observe their surroundings, and allows for easy transitions from a standing or sitting position.

2. It fits perfectly in any home with its height adjustable frame that allows multiple stages of growth during the toddler’s development. Safety is also a top priority at all times with the non-slip platform and included restraint loop which helps secure your child’s activity space while also giving them freedom of movement throughout the learning area.

3. The Coco Village Learning Tower demystifies basic life skills by introducing children to everyday tasks like cooking, painting, singing nursery rhymes and using household tools through hands on experience while their parents can easily supervise nearby. With parental guidance growing minds soon become comfortable exploring new activities on their own within this space .

4. Smartly designed storage drawers located underneath make it easy but fun for kids to store supplies like paintbrushes , art materials , toys , books et cetera . This system encourages neatness habits early on as well as offering easy access when desired .

5. A foldable feature makes it possible for these towers to take up minimal space when not in use making it an ideal choice for those tight on real estate or just looking for some extra breathing room . With this level of convenience you never have to worry about stowing away excess furniture after each use nor do you have to sacrifice quality playtime areas !

Conclusion – Why You Should Definitely Consider Investing in a Coco Village Learning Tower

The Coco Village Learning Tower is an essential tool for today’s parents and educators. Not only does it bring a wonderful new level of safety, stability and support to the learning environment, but the tower can also be used in a variety of creative ways! Whether you’re looking for a place to house art supplies or an “all-in-one” solution for teaching children ages 2-6, the Learning Tower offers something special that no other piece of furniture can provide.

For busy parents and teachers alike, the Learning Tower provides tremendous insight into how children learn best. With its range of height adjustments and 35 degree tilt backwards feature, it’s easy to see why kids take so well to this fun yet sturdy classroom stool. Kids can lean over in order to get a better look at activities from their perspective–which encourages interactive play and helps them become more involved in their environment. Plus, with its award winning quality – boasting years’ worth of use – you don’t have to worry about buying another tower anytime soon!

But perhaps what’s most remarkable about the Coco Village Learning Tower are all the potential hands-on uses – from painting and potting plants in your backyard to helping mom with dinner prep in your kitchen (an engaging activity parents love too). Allowing kids this freedom makes them feel like an important part of everyday activities which fosters independence while providing valuable life skills along the way. And when playtime is over? The non-slip platform ensures little feet remain safely grounded after hours spent exploring, crafting or living out pretend scenarios!

If you’re searching for a safe space where children can express themselves creatively while still enjoying age appropriate tasks, then investing in a Coco Village Learning Tower is definitely worth considering. Its high quality materials combined with storage capabilities make it one of those “must have” pieces once word gets out that playtime just got even more exciting!

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