A Closer Look at the Dover Bethany Early Learning Center

A Closer Look at the Dover Bethany Early Learning Center

Introduction to Dover Bethany Early Learning Center

Dover Bethany Early Learning Center is the first and only early learning center in Dover, Delaware. The state-of-the-art facility was built with the vision of providing a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment where children can grow emotionally, mentally, physically and socially.

At DBELEC, we recognize that all children are unique individuals who learn differently. That’s why our curriculum is research based and tailored to meet individual needs. We embrace diversity and foster creativity while keeping our expectations high for each child’s potential. With a focus on play-based teaching methods, our goal is to help each child find balance by emphasizing foundational skills such as literacy and numeracy while also valuing social emotional growth through positive relationships and developmentally appropriate practices.

DBELEC utilizes evidence based instructional techniques and our professionally trained staff members strive to create positive learning experiences with every interaction. From our individualized approach to assessments to working with families; we understand the complexity of young learners’ needs which helps us ensure that each child reaches their academic potential in an engaging classroom setting.

Our unique location within Joppatowne allows for community ties that extend beyond the classrooms walls too! Established partnerships throughout the metropolitan area provide us ample opportunities for field trips where students can explore STEM topics or pursue cultural studies that enrich their understanding of people from around the world – all within walking distance from our campus!

At Dover Bethany Early Learning Center we believe in developing life-long learners so that they are prepared for whatever lies ahead of them – no matter what grade level or future career goals they have set for themselves!

Benefits of Attending Dover Bethany Early Learning Center

Attending Dover Bethany Early Learning Center offers numerous benefits to students, their families, and the surrounding community. The academic and social developmental opportunities at Dover Bethany offer a strong foundation that allows students to reach their full potential. Here are just some of the many benefits of attending Dover Bethany Early Learning Center:

Academic Development – Dover Bethany is committed to helping young children develop in all areas of academics — from language and math skills to creative expression. From preschool onward, Dover Bethany’s well-rounded curriculum includes phonics instruction for reading readiness, computer literacy exposure for technology use in today’s world, scientific exploration for natural world understanding and so much more!

Social Skills – At Dover Bethany Early Learning Center, our faculty nurture positive relationships with each other and their peers. Through activities like music class or team sports the focus is on building self-confidence through meaningful participation with those around them. This helps create a nurturing atmosphere where each student can succeed together with his/her friends.

Community Connections – From a partnership between our families and local businesses to special events hosted by Dover Bethany that bring parents and children together — we strive to create an open line of communication between everyone who relies on our center’s caregiving services. Our knowledgeable staff understands how important it is to be connected with each family we serve as part of their extended family while providing supportive resources they may need along their journey.

Culture & Personal Growth – With a diverse student body comprising people from varying backgrounds, we recognize how culture plays large part into each child’s individual growth. Understanding cultural awareness teaches developing minds about differences between race or ethnicity which leads open-mindedness within age-appropriate appreciation for others’ unique experiences — greatly promoting personal growth from Kindergarten year until graduation!

By becoming part of the Dover Betheny family, you gain access to these unprecedented advantages making success easier than ever before!

Step by Step Guide to Enrolling at Dover Bethany Early Learning Center

Welcome to Dover Bethany Early Learning Center! We are excited you have chosen our center to provide your child with a high quality early education experience. Before we begin discussing the steps to enrolling your family at Dover Bethany, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of enrolling your child with us.

1. Visit Our Center: The first step in becoming part of the Dover Bethany family is for families to visit and tour our facility. During this time, families have an opportunity to meet teachers, staff and students who can answer any questions about the curriculum or activities available for their children. We offer tours Monday through Friday from 9-5 p.m., so please feel free to drop by at any time – no appointment necessary!

2. Complete Enrollment Forms: Once you decide that Dover Bethany is the right fit for your family, the next step is completing enrollment forms. These forms include providing information on health and immunizations records, emergency contacts, release of records consent and contact information among others forms needed under state guidelines that must be completed before your child can begin attending classes.

3. Attend An Orientation Meeting: During this meeting you’ll learn more about what happens throughout a typical day and our commitment to offering a dynamic learning environment filled with opportunities for creative exploration and personal growth in addition to classroom curriculum such as math and language skills development in an environment that emphasizes kindness and safety for all students regardless of background or gender identity. At this meeting you’ll also be able to review details about tuition fees, policies & fees schedules .

4. Schedule A Start Date: After reviewing tuition fees in detail during orientation parents will then schedule a start date or Annual Yearly Program Cycle at Dover Bethany Early Learning Center (DBL). Families will provide account set up information including debit/credit card information which are used for monthly automatic payment options which are securely stored within DBL Administrative System folder called “

FAQs about Dover Bethany Early Learning Center

Q1: What is the philosophy of Dover Bethany Early Learning Center?

At Dover Bethany Early Learning Center, our main focus is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn, explore and develop. We embrace the philosophy that all children are naturally successful learners and have an innate desire to grow and thrive; our main goal is to give each child the necessary tools to become effective lifelong learners. We strive to create meaningful relationships with children, families and staff by providing a curriculum that honors every individual’s cultural background, their ideas and interests while focusing on developing social learning competencies. Furthermore, we value play-based learning as a means of exploring, expressing ideas and making sense of new concepts. By doing so, we believe that together we can build an enriching community where everyone feels valued and supported in the early years of learning .

Top 5 Facts about Dover Bethany Early Learning Center

1. Dover Bethany Early Learning Center is a Montessori-based preschool that serves children ages two to six in the greater Dover area. Our unique, hands-on approach to education fosters a love of learning that follows children into their academic years and beyond.

2. Dover Bethany Early Learning Center utilizes individualized instruction to meet the intellectual and emotional needs of each student. We create an optimal environment for early childhood development with interactive activities that inspire imagination and exploration.

3. Our dedicated team of educators are passionate about creating engaged communities both inside and outside of the classroom. In addition to classic academic lessons, our curriculum includes extensive art, music, cooking, and physical education experiences – all designed to equip students for success in an ever-changing world by teaching vital life lessons such as boundaries, self regulation, collaboration and respect along with more traditional topics like the alphabet or counting 1-10!

4 .We prioritize parent involvement throughout the year—as Teachers we recognize that strong partnerships with families are instrumental in fostering a supportive learning community! We strive to support parents’ own educational goals while providing opportunities for families to get involved through school events like family reading nights or collaborative projects involving parents and teachers working together on specific objectives/goals…..a win/win as it gives parents insight into what their child has been learning about during the week at school!!

5 .The DBELL hard work was recently recognized when our center won “School of The Year” from our district office we were also rewarded a grant from Back To Basics Foundation which will be used towards future program expansion!! With this honor & recognition comes increased awareness & engagement within our community & we could not be prouder!!!

Conclusion: How Attending a High Quality Preschool Can Impact Your Child’s Future

Attending a high quality preschool is a decision that will likely pay off for years to come for both you and your child. A preschool provides the perfect bridge between being care-free toddlers and being accountable learners in a structured learning environment, giving them the skills and confidence to have successful school experiences throughout their lives. Preschools nurture essential academic, social, and physical skills while also instilling a sense of independence. Research has shown that children who attend preschool are more successful in elementary school compared to those who did not, with an advantage in math, language development, problem-solving skills, creativity and communication skills.

As parents or guardians, it is our responsibility to provide our children with the tools they need for success. By enrolling them in high quality preschool programs that foster cognitive development through personalized learning plans we can open doors for opportunities down the line from college acceptance to vocational success. It’s never too late to give your child these critical building blocks, but investing early reaps lasting benefits that follow them into adulthood and beyond.

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